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Pedrino Spritz Cocktail recipes are the new contender for the first drink occasion.

You’ll enjoy the sophistication of a classic cocktail blended with the sparkling refreshment of a spritz.

Get inspired with our pairing wheel and our cocktail recipe collection below.

Pedrino is a trio of Mediterranean, terrace-ready, spritzers. An uplifting blend of origin-protected fortified wine and artisanal tonic water. The trio of flavours include tonic water that’s been artfully blended with: Vermouth, Ruby Port and Sherry. Compared to the traditional pub spritz cocktail brands, our imbibes are an elevated, alternate choice of drink. Not only can you drink Pedrino fresh from the bottle, just pour over ice and garnish with citrus fruit. You can also use it to add a sparkle to enhance your cocktails!

For dinner party inspiration, you make like to take a look through our delicious recipe collection. Discover, tasting notes, serving suggestions and how to add a twist to classic cocktails recipes

Cocktail Recipes


Pedrino Sherry & Tonic Spritz


Pedrino Ruby & Tonic Spritz


Pedrino Vermouth & Tonic Spritz



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