Pedrino Spritz

Pedrino Spritz is a refreshingly original way to start any occasion.

Inspired by the drinks cabinets of Spain, Portugal and Italy, we’ve created a trio of terrace-ready spritzers.
A refreshing aperitif, serve Pedrino Spritz chilled over ice or use as an effortlessly elegant way to spritz up your classic cocktails.

Pedrino Spritz Vermouth & Tonic

A floral blend, with subtle notes of melon, floral botanicals and grapefruit.

Pedrino Spritz Sherry & Tonic

A bittersweet blend, with subtle notes of stone fruits, raisins and orange blossom.

Pedrino Spritz Ruby & Tonic

A citrus blend, with subtle notes of red berries, plum and bitter lemon.

Made using the Finest Ingredients

To create the perfect spritz, every time, Pedrino Spritz is made with the very best ingredients. Always natural and always authentic.

We use award-winning, origin protected, fortified wines. Each fortified wine has been perfectly paired with our own artisanal tonic water, that’s made using: citrusy botanicals, signature bitters and British spring water.

The trio are light spritzers at 4% abv. They’re perfect as a refreshing aperitif or used to create light, sparkling cocktails.


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