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The Evening Standard

Best mini bottles of wine, prosecco and premixed alcoholic drinks

Ellie Davis, Evening Standard

As we head into the party season, there will be no shortage of festive cocktails and 10 ingredient mixers.

Supermarkets everywhere are offering miniature variations of your favourite wines and premixed beverages designed for a single drink – so when you say you are only going for one, you actually mean it. They also come in particular handy for when you don’t want to open a whole bottle, or you are going to a festival, dining al fresco or have a long train journey that will be livened up by a mini tipple. There are a huge variety of options on the market, so we have taken it upon ourselves to choose our favourites to minimise that post-night out regret.

Pedrino Ruby & Tonic Spritz, £1.95, Ocado
Capturing that taste of summer all year round, Pedrino uses all-natural ingredients and Mediterranean tastes. For the Ruby & Tonic Spritz, the brand combines red berries, plum and fresh lemon botanicals with a slightly bitter tonic water that results in a refreshing beverage – particularly when served over ice. The spritz can also be used as an ingredient in other cocktails – try adding whiskey for a delicious Ruby High Ball.


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